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We build bridges across Southern California to put the strength of our philanthropic network to the best possible use for our communities. 


Our Mission

The Community Nest Foundation combines the power of our community to work toward a better future for all residents of Southern California. Our Collective efforts, with the support of our donors, ensures our ability to make a meaningful difference in our community where it is needed most.

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"Thank you LGBT Sentinel and the Community Nest Foundation for your kind donations. At our 2017 Annual Youth Rainbow Summer Carnival, two lucky youth, were each able to walk away with an instrument donated, after participating in our youth raffle.

Music is a big influence and outlet for many of the youth we serve at the Center, so your donations will go a long way for these two individuals. We also added one of the donated violins to our music room collection for our youth to access and play. Owning your own instrument can mean so much to a young person, especially when they don’t have the means to buy one for themselves, so donations like this are valued and much appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support to the youth we serve at the Los Angeles LGBT Center." 

-Jennifer Gutierrez
Youth Development Supervisor, LifeWorks
Children, Youth & Family Services